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A comprehensive guide to the media literacy

Media literacy is about educating the children for the media usage in their life. It helps to determine the impact of the media on the behavior of the teenagers and the young generation. In this modern age media literacy is an important aspect of building the personality of the children in right way. Media literacy tells about how to analyze and interpret the complex messages of the media technologies.

Media prevailed in the society in the 20th century, and its impact has been greater in teaching about the culture to the children. In the industrial era, magazines and newspapers were playing an influential role on the behavior of the children. But now the internet is the most influencing media technology for the kids.

Impact of the media literacy

In the modern world, children can adopt the bad as well as the good things easily in their early age. They can adopt everything they watch on the media unconsciously. So, it is important to teach the children for what they have to see and hear on the social media. This media literacy is highly significant for the children. They have to take care of what is good and what is bad for them. Media literacy helps to develop the personality of the children in the right way.

Analyzing the media

Media literacy provides assistance to analyze the media content to better understand the message conveyed by the media technology used. It helps to analyze the media content through following questions.

  • What is the message conveyed by the media?
  • What promotional strategies are used to affect your behavior through the media content?
  • Do you understand in a different manner from other people by that media message?
  • Either your interpretation level is different or not from the other people?
  • Either you have the media literacy to interpret the message conveyed by the media in the appropriate manner?
  • Both the values and culture are properly represented by the media content or not?
  • Why is this message sent to the society?

All of these questions help you to interpret the message conveyed by the media easily. It helps you to become media literate. You can understand through the media literacy about the society.

Impact of the media literacy on the lives

Media affects the children through the several ways. The stake of the media is very much in every aspect of life. People should take care of the children and make them aware of the bad effects of media on their lives. Media literacy is to teach the children about the good and bad aspects of the media. Parents should communicate with their children to guide them on how they have to consume their large period on the media technologies because children have to face the media in everyday life such as the television. Media literate children can better understand the message conveyed by the media content. The culture of the society can be established and damaged through the media literacy level. Less knowledge about the media literacy can damage the culture of the society and can cause it not to prevail in the society.




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