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Hacks for Optimizing Pillar Page Engagement

If you are looking for a boost in SEO rank for the core services you offer, then you should pay more attention to optimizing pillar pages. After optimizing, you can bring users from different platforms. Many marketers are also gaining twitter and instagram followers everyday and share the link of your pillar page to their pages. There are so many steps which you need to carry out to create a killer pillar page after you buy 100 Instagram followers from credible sources like Tweetnfollow to drive traffic to your main website. A pillar page is a page which covers a single topic in depth.

It can use subtopics which help give more information about the core topic. The core topic can be any subject being searched by thousands of users. Some of them are also on social media like twitter and instagram. A pillar page not only provides exceptional and well-detailed information about what you offer but also allows the users to search for subtopics. You can also bring followers from Instagram and Twitter.  Here are a few tips that can help you create a killer pillar page for your website.

It should be in the right place

If you do not place your pillar page in the tight spot for the public to read or view it, it will be of no use. It is a landing page, and it has to be on top, in front of the eye where the users find it easy to open. It should be on the main menu, and it should be at the top or the first item on the menu. It should also be on the place where you offer free stuff.

The page structure

The pillar page will be more versatile and read-worthy if it has a good structure. It should have a nice title. After the tile, it should have a proper introduction. You may also add a table of contents and then the main content. Explain in the content what you offer. Also, make the table of contents visible and meaningful. When the readers look at the contents or the table of contents they should get an idea about what you offer.

Call to action

The page must have a call to action conversion. You should have a direct URL or a button that leads to the products or services you offer.

“Back to top” link

It may seem insignificant to you, but it is not. When you are scrolling a large web page, you may forget what was at the top. To make sure that the readers do not confuse, provide them with a back to top link at the bottom of the page. It increases the readability of the page. It also increases the time that the viewer spends on the page. The more time users spend on a page of your website, the better will be it for SEO.

Content formatting

You should consider formatting the content of the pillar page for better engagement. The content should be interesting. It is not necessary that the content follows the same style as the rest of the website. Make it interesting!

Give something to ponder

At the end of the page, you should offer more. You should end your content with some additional offers by your website or company. You may include a large button to offer additional content. You may also add images which are even better call to action.

These are a few points which you should follow to create the killer pillar page for your website.  

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