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How to Write a Travel Journal of Kenya

If you are planning a trip to Africa that there are many fascinating places that you can explore in Kenya and write a journal about. This country is covered in beauty and is known for its cultural elegance. Explaining the beauty of this country in the form of journal asks for much creativity and kind, beautiful words and style.

So here is how you can write a travel journal of Kenya

Ask yourself

The first question that arises is with whom you want to share your journal with. Are you writing it just for yourself or you want to share it with your friends. This question leaves a major influence on the choice of words and explanation. If you want to write a travel journal and want to share it with the wider audience than it is best advised to write a travel Kenya blog.

If you are planning to make a blog, then you need to keep two main things in mind

  1. A travel journal to Kenya could be a wonderful memoir; whenever you are writing the notes regarding your day at Kenya, you need to keep in mind that what was the one thing that you have experienced today and will remember it for the next 30 to 40 years of your life.
  2. What is it you want to include? Your plan, your plot of the day you have spent, the people you have met on your journey and the things that have influenced you leaves a major impact on what you want to say. If all these things have to be included then you need to know that how you can explain all this in the most creative manner. The best idea to do this is to create a list and mark down what you want to write down first and what to be mentioned at the end to leave a beautiful ending of the day.

A travel journal to Kenya can bring life to your blog

  • The beauty of Kenya must not be translated into something like an explanation of a recipe, like for example that did this start with this, etc. it will make your blog more tedious. To write a more beautiful blog, it is very important that it is captivating, repetitive phrases should be avoided. Repetition can totally destroy your travel blog.
  • A chronological order of mentioning your experience can destroy the real beauty of words; just write whatever your imagination has gained from experience. Ordering your imagination to make more sense and to make it easier for the readers to understand is acceptable.
  • Keeping a record of everything you have done is also not important; writing down everything you are experiencing at that very moment can destroy your imagination. It diverts your attention towards what you’re seeing instead of what you are feeling and experiencing.
  • Use dialogues; using dialogues and funny phrases can add life to your blog, a reader can feel that he is experiencing that particular moment. Write down the blog in the form of conversation, like what conversation you had with the stranger you met at the beach, etc. people are more interested in knowing about other people.

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