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How to earn your living being a social media star

Google has done research, and according to it more than 70 percent of the teenagers use YouTube, and they all relate themselves more to the online creators than to traditional celebrities. This research also showed that more than 70 percent of the businesses use influencer marketing. Molly Wood, a marketplace high tech had a conversation with Troy Solomon. Troy Solomon has about 45000 Instagram followers for his account. Their discussion was about influencer marketing on social media. Troy Solomon is of the view that he doesn’t know if he is an influencer or not. It’s just that we don’t know any other word to use instead of influencer. Influencers are celebrities that were not so popular before. Buy Instagram followers to get status of influencer if you are struggling.

Most of the people who work as influencers are generating significant income. What this was collaborating with brands is an excellent way to earn the livelihood by being a star. Businesses prefer using influencers marketing technique as they know that it would be beneficial for their brands. It is not easy for the brands to decide that with whom they should collaborate for influencer marketing.

Businesses are now moving towards influencers marketing, and this is helping them in generating revenues and getting the vast audience. Mostly influencer marketing gets high responses. Because people prefer buying the things that have something influential and this influencer marketing works as the influence on the people which compels them to follow a brand. Same is the case with Solomon, almost 70 percent of the times companies are calling and emailing him to collaborate. This all depends upon how an influencer shows himself up for a brand. The main things which influencers have to focus on are that they must market the brand which they find to be authentic. They should not sell something about which they are not sure. Promoting something which lacks authenticity may harm the reputation and the image of the influencer, and he may start getting negative feedback from the audience.

The other important thing in social media influencer marketing is that you must keep your private and official life separate. You must identify the line and stick to it. Don’t go beyond your identity and stay same on the right focus. There are two faces of you, the one you show as an influencer and the other is the real you. You must differentiate between these two and stay focused by staying in your real identity. The most important thing which people want to know is about the earnings of these starts, but still, there is nothing too sure, there is an estimate, and according to it, there are different packages offered by different brands to the influencers.

All the brands have their strategies, and the same the influencers do. It’s only that by being an influencer and marketing, various brands help you in earning a lot but still there remain some conflicts which you need to solve time to time to maintain your positive image in the eyes of your audience.

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